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Prime Logistics

Prime Group A.Ş.


  Excellence Meets Innovation

In the dynamic world of global commerce, Prime Logistics stands at the forefront of logistic solutions,

offering unparalleled expertise and innovative services.


We are committed to enhancing the efficiency of your supply chain,

from procurement to delivery,

ensuring your goods arrive safely,

on time, and in optimal condition.

From urgent air freight to economical sea shipments and flexible road deliveries,

we ensure your goods move smoothly, efficiently, and without delay.

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Offering fast and reliable air freight services,
we ensure timely delivery for urgent shipments.
Our air solutions cater to high-priority,
time-sensitive goods,
providing global reach with efficiency.

Air Cargo Solutions

Prime Cargo
Prime Shipping

Our sea freight services are perfect for cost-effective,

large-volume shipments.


With extensive experience in maritime logistics,

we manage everything from container loading to customs clearance, ensuring smooth international transport.

Our services cater to both

Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipments, providing flexibility and reliability for your international transport needs.

Sea Freight Solutions

"Warehousing: Providing secure storage solutions that ensure the safety and integrity of goods with options for inventory management and order fulfillment."

Road Transport Solutions

Prime trucks

Prime Logistics offers comprehensive road transport solutions tailored to meet the demands of any shipment,
big or small.

Our services are designed for efficiency and reliability, ensuring timely delivery across local and regional routes. 
Our network guarantees secure and efficient transportation of your goods, backed by real-time tracking for complete transparency and peace of mind.


Prime Logistics Global
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